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May 20, 2024

Changes to Australia’s Visa Program 2024 – New changes

Replacement of the 482 Visa

Changes to Australia’s Visa Program 2024
Phasing Out: The current 482 visa will be completely phased out, making way for the new Skills in Demand visa. This transition represents a major shift in Australia’s strategy to address skill shortages.

Introduction of a Tiered System

Three Streams: The Skills in Demand visa will consist of three distinct streams or pathways, each tailored to different skill levels and sectors. This tiered system is designed to streamline the visa process and make it more responsive to the specific needs of various industries.

Specialist Skills Pathway

Focus on Highly Skilled Workers: The top tier, known as the Specialist Skills Pathway, aims to attract highly skilled individuals. It offers a significantly expedited processing time of approximately 7 days, much faster than the current processing times for similar visa categories.

No Occupation List: Unlike other streams, the Specialist Skills Pathway does not have a predefined occupation list, offering greater flexibility in terms of eligibility. However, it excludes occupations related to trades, machinery operation, driving, and laboring.

High Salary Threshold: To qualify for this stream, applicants must meet a minimum salary requirement of A$135,000 per year, targeting a high-skill, high-wage demographic.

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