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Australian Federal Police Check (AFP)

Australian Federal Police Check (AFP)

Australian Federal Police Check (AFP)

Who should apply:

If you are over the age of 16 and have lived in Australia for a total of 12 months or more in the last 10 years (these 12 months are calculated cumulatively, not consecutively) you need to obtain an Australian Federal Police (AFP) clearance by completing a National Police Check Application Form.


It is valid for 1 Year

How to Apply

          1. Step1: Get ready with your credit card, Pen, Printer, Scanner, 100 points ID scanned (Passport, bank statement, Australian diver license, Australian photo ID)
          2. Step 2: Click on the below link to apply online.
          3. Step 3: Select the checkbox and click on start new application button.
          4. Step 4: Select ‘Name Check Only’ from drop down menu and click next.
          5. Step 5: Select the 100 points ID from the list which you are ready to upload in this application and click next.
          6. Step 6: Fill out your details and select the following in ‘Purpose of Check’ and click next.
            Purpose type – Commonwealth Purpose / Employment
            Purpose of check – Immigration and Citizenship.
            Released offences – All offences
          7. Step 7: Click to download the consent form, take a print out and scanned back a clear copy with signature and date. (.JPG .PDF or .TIF format, only and less than 4 MB)
          8. Step 8: Upload the consent form in the same window and upload the identification documents in the next window and click next.
          9. Step 9: Select your country of Birth and contact details. If you do not have Driver License, don’t worry, just proceed to next step.
          10. Step 10: Enter your current address and the date when you started living at this there and click next.
          11. Step 11: You will be asked to check all your details again and finally proceed to the payment section to pay $42 to submit your application.
        1. Step 1: You will receive an email as a confirmation of your application. Application may take 2-4 weeks time.
        2. Step 2: On completion you will receive a second email confirming that your resulted is sent to your address. This may take 5-7 working days.
        3. Step 3: If you do not receive your result even after 7 working days, than first check with your post office and you may contact the AFP department to check the status and the request them to reissue if required.
        4. Step 4: Once you received the Certificate – Please submit it to our office as advised.