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Health Cover

Health Cover


Apply Health cover  for 457 visa, Students, Visitors, Work visa or any other visa.

How to Apply

Steps to Apply online

    1. Click above – Apply Online
    2. Select ‘Overseas Visitor‘ from left menu and

          a.     Choose Single, Couple, Family

          b.     Select – Country of citizenship

          c.     Select Working Visa from drop down list– ‘457 Long stay working‘  and click on “Get Quick Quote

    3. Choose Hospital Cover:

             a.      Select payment option to ‘Monthly’ – payment will be deducted every month

             b.      Select ‘Essential Visitor Cover

             c.       Click on ‘Get Detailed Quote

    4. Click Join now”
    5. Enter your personal details – Follow Steps 1 – 3
    6. Promotion Code – 2102492 – You may get future discounts or promotions.
    7. Enter credit card details for regular monthly payments.
    8. Click Pay now”
    9. Confirmation letter will received via email.