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Carer Visa (Subclass 116, 836)

Carer Visa (Subclass 116, 836)

The Carer Visa is a category of visa offered by the Australian government for individuals who are willing and able to provide substantial and continuous care or assistance to a relative with a long-term medical condition or a disability that requires their support. The Carer Visa is designed to allow eligible individuals to live in Australia and provide care to their family member.

Key points about the Carer Visa:

  1. Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for a Carer Visa, you must be willing and able to provide substantial and continuing care or assistance to a relative who has a medical condition or disability. The care must be required for the long term (usually at least two years).
  1. Relative’s Medical Condition: The person you are caring for must be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen. They must have a medical condition or disability that requires substantial care, and the care cannot be reasonably available from any other relative or welfare, hospital, nursing or community services in Australia.
  1. Sponsorship: You may need to be sponsored by the person you will be caring for in Australia or by their partner.
  1. Health and Character Requirements: Applicants for the Carer Visa and their family members must meet certain health and character requirements as part of the visa application process.
  1. Assurance of Support: An assurance of support might be required for the applicant. This is a commitment by a person or an organization to provide financial support and assistance to the visa holder so that they would not rely on Australian social services.
  1. Visa Validity: The Carer Visa allows you to live in Australia temporarily or permanently, depending on the specific Carer Visa subclass you apply for.
  1. Application Process: The application process involves submitting an application, providing supporting documents, and undergoing medical and character assessments.
  1. Visa Subclasses: Different subclasses of the Carer Visa may have slightly different requirements and conditions. Examples of Carer Visa subclasses include Subclass 116 (for individuals outside Australia) and Subclass 836 (for individuals inside Australia).

Note : As immigration policies and regulations can change, I recommend consulting our qualified immigration expert (Ms Urmila Sumeet Kumar or Mr Manmohan Makkar) for the most current and accurate information about the Carer Visa and its specific subclasses.

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